August 23, 2014
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Setting a higher standard for photography Inside N&E

Trust me. I’m a terrible photographer. I have never in my life claimed to have a great eye for quality photography, and, unfortunately (and not always my fault), we have run photos in News & Events that haven’t lived up to the professional standard of our publication.

Our manager of photography is responsible for the majority of photos that are published in News & Events, but there are occasions where she isn’t able to attend an event or shoot the accompanying photo for a story, and we have been forced to use images submitted by amateur photographers. Sometimes the photos are pretty good, but more often than not, we are caught between a rock and a hard place. Here are our choices: Publish a “bad” shot to accompany a story; run the story without an image, a decision that often alters the balance of a page; or drop the entire story altogether.

I think we’re getting better at making these choices, even if it means that some submitted photos aren’t published. Our editorial staff, along with our manager of photography, had to make choices like these in two instances of this current issue. As a result, one photo-story needed to be cut, and we hustled to replace a poor photo accompanying a front-page story.

So, while we simply can’t commit to publishing every photo that comes our way, know that we make these tough decisions in order to deliver a quality publication.


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