August 27, 2014
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Pete’s Picks, volume I Uncategorized

tiger beat blog previewThis week I’d like to present some of the tools I used in creating the soon-to-be-live, shiny, spanking-new Tiger Beat Blog.

Blogging software: WordPress

Bug tracker: 16Bugs

Layout & design: Adobe Photoshop CS2

Coding: Macrodobe Dreamweaver 8

WordPress was wonderful to work with. Having no previous knowledge of it’s inner workings, after a week of coding and tweaking and learning, I now consider myself a better-than-average wordpress developer.

16Bugs is a somewhat new online bug-tracking application. It’s gotten rave reviews, and it’s pretty simple to use. I think once folks around here get used to filing bugs w/my work through there (rather than sporadically, throughout the day), they’ll be impressed at my increase in productivity.

As for Photoshop, I don’t think it needs an editorial. It’s got more bang per buck than the GIMP; why use anything else?

Lastly, there’s Dreamweaver. There are a lot of folks that have nasty things to say about Dreamweaver, and most of what they say is right. However, I stick with it for the fine FTP/file management features and the code highlighting. Also, there’s a sickening loyalty to DW Templates around here, that I’m trying to cure. Wish me luck!

Until next week, enjoy the summer. It’s getting hotter, so why not sit down at your favorite computer and let me know what tools you prefer to do your job?

  1. omar
    Jul 11

    Wordpress? Why the switch from Movable Type?

    I do all my CSS and HTML coding in Dreamweaver as well. I briefly tried abandoning it for TextWrangler, but I missed Option+F12 and Command+Shift+U too much.

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