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Cultural Anthropology Immersion

Cultural anthropology is the study of culture past and present from a worldwide comparative perspective. As a disciplinary field, cultural anthropology attempts to provide insights on how human beings across the globe live and work and shape their cultural world in families, cities, societies, ethnic groups, nations, and networked solidarities through ideas, ideologies, beliefs, and values or worldviews. One of the goals of cultural anthropology is to promote understanding among peoples–an increasingly important venture in our vastly interconnected world communities. This immersion is closed to students majoring in the sociology and anthropology major who have chosen the cultural anthropology track.

Choose three of the following:*
   ANTH-210    Culture and Globalization
   ANTH-225    Globalizing Africa
   ANTH-235    Immigration to the U.S.
   ANTH-260    Native North Americans
   ANTH-265    Native Americans in Film
   ANTH-285    American Indian Languages
   ANTH-290    Language, Sex and Sexuality
   ANTH-301    Social and Cultural Theory
   ANTH-305    Investigating Language Change
   ANTH-310    African Popular Cultures
   ANTH-325    Bodies and Culture
   ANTH-330    Cultural Images of War
   ANTH-335    Culture and Politics in Latin America
   ANTH-340    Divided Europe
   ANTH-345    Genocide and Post-Conflict Justice
   ANTH-350    Global Economy and the Grassroots
   ANTH-365    Islamic Culture and the Middle East
   ANTH-370    Media and Globalization
   ANTH-375    Native American Repatriation
   ANTH-380    Nationalism and Identity
   ANTH-410    Global Cities
   ANTH-425    Global Sexualities
   ANTH-430    Visual Anthropology
   ANTH 451/INGS 451    Economics of Women and the Family
   ANTH 455/INGS 455    Economics of Native America

* At least one course must be taken at the 300 level or higher.