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Economics Immersion

The economics immersion provides a systematic analysis of economic issues through the study of the allocation of scarce resources into production and the distribution of production among the members of society. This immersion is closed to students majoring in economics.

ECON-101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON-101H Honors Principles of Microeconomics
Choose three of the following:
   ECON-201    Principles of Macroeconomics
   ECON-401    Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
   ECON-402    Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
   ECON-403    Econometrics I
   ECON-404    Mathematical Methods: Economics
   ECON-405    International Trade and Finance
   ECON-406    Global Economic Issues
   ECON-407    Industrial Organization
   ECON-410    Game Theory: Economic Applications
   ECON-411    Computational Economics
   ECON-421    Natural Resource Economics
   ECON-422    Benefit-Cost Analysis
   ECON-430    Managerial Economics
   ECON-431    Monetary Analysis and Policy
   ECON-432    Open Economy Economics
   ECON-440    Urban Economics
   ECON-441    Labor Economics
   ECON-444    Public Finance
   ECON-445    History of Economic Thought
   ECON-448    Development Economics
   ECON-449    Comparative Economic Systems
   ECON-450    Health Care Economics
   ECON-451    Economics of Women and the Family
   ECON-452    Economics of Native America
   ECON-453    Behavioral and Experimental Economics
   ECON-503    Econometics II
   ECON-520    Environmental Economics