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Latino/Latina/Latin American Studies Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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The Latino/Latina/Latin American studies concentration enables students to explore the rich social, historical, and cultural heritage in the western hemisphere that emanates from the Caribbean and Central and South America and manifests itself in the history, sociology, anthropology, politics, languages, and literatures of the Latin American countries and the Latino/Latina populations in the United States. While knowledge of Spanish will significantly deepen the student’s cultural understanding, language courses are an option rather than a required component of the concentration. Students may opt to complete the concentration with two elective courses and one language course or three elective courses. Note: Evening students may not declare this concentration.

Electives—Choose up to three of the following:†
0504-435 Global Literature: Latin American Literature
0504-447 Special Topics: Magical Realism
0504-469 American Literature: Latino
0504-479 Latino Experience in Literature
0510-442 Cultures and Politics in Latin America
0510-444 Global Economy and the Grassroots
0525-573 Women in the Hispanic World: Politics of Identity Formation
0525-576 Trauma and Survival in the First-Person Narrative
0525-577 Screening the Hispanic Caribbean
0525-579 Special Topics*

* Special Topics (0525-579) may include the following: The Caribbean and Globalization and Cuban Film: Cultural and National Identity.

† With department approval: CIAS Art History: Latin American Art History I, II, plus one additional credit per course.

One of the following Spanish or Portuguese language courses may be used for this concentration. The student should consult with the concentration adviser for placement at the proper level.
0525-521 Beginning Portuguese II
0525-522 Beginning Portuguese III
0525-523 Intermediate Portuguese I
0525-524 Intermediate Portuguese II
0525-525 Intermediate Portuguese III
0525-526 Advanced Portuguese I
0525-527 Advanced Portuguese II
0525-528 Advanced Portuguese III
0525-561 Beginning Spanish II
0525-562 Beginning Spanish III
0525-563 Intermediate Spanish I
0525-564 Intermediate Spanish II
0525-565 Intermediate Spanish III
0525-566 Advanced Spanish I
0525-567 Advanced Spanish II
0525-568 Advanced Spanish III