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Doctoral Degree

  • Doctoral Degree - Definitions and Requirements:
    • NYSED stipulates that:
      • Doctoral degree programs shall require a minimum of three academic years of full-time graduate level study after the baccalaureate degree, or their equivalent in part-time study. Doctoral studies shall include the production of a substantial report on original research, the independent investigation of a topic of significance to the field of study, the production of an appropriate creative work, or the verified development of advanced professional skills.
    • Course Requirements:
      • Credit toward a graduate degree shall be earned only through work designed expressly for graduate students.
      • Enrollment of undergraduates in graduate courses and of graduate students in undergraduate coursesĀ  shall be strictly controlled by the institution.
    • Faculty Credentials:
      • Faculty members who teach within a curriculum leading to a graduate degree must possess an earned doctorate or other terminal degree in the field in which they are teaching or shall have demonstrated, in other widely recognized ways, their special competence in the field in which they direct graduate students.
      • This is demonstrated through national or international publications, research recognized in the field and other contributions to the advancement of knowledge, professional practice or quality of life. The burden of proof is on the institution to demonstrate the special competence of such individuals.
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