Lecturers' Professional Development Grants 

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The Office of the Provost and Faculty Career Development (FCD) created the Lecturers’ Professional Development Grants to acknowledge the many contributions of RIT’s lecturers. This grant program provides funds for professional development activities that involve teaching, development and/or creative endeavors. Grants of up to $2,000 each will be awarded. Submissions are limited to one grant application per faculty each academic year.

Examples of appropriate expenditures include participation at conferences, national professional meetings and pedagogical programs, or travel required to access resources at other institutions. Funding for software/hardware acquisition or other equipment, professional membership fees or licensure, tuition, add-pay, faculty stipends, course release, or additional faculty salaries will not be considered. 


All full-time lecturers, senior lecturers and principal lecturers with continuing appointments at RIT are eligible to apply.

Application Process and Guidelines

Applications must be submitted online along with a Verification Form from your department head/chair. Applications without a signed Verification Form will not be considered. Applications will be accepted until Monday, November 4, 2019, 11:59 pm (midnight).

Application materials:

  1. Sample application  - Use as a guide to complete your online application.  It is strongly recommended that you complete your application in a Word document, then copy to the online form. 
  2. Online application: 2018-29 Lecturers' Professional Development Grant Application
  3. Verification Form - Must be signed by your department head/chair.

On the application you will provide:

  1. Project Activity Description - Description of the professional development activity for which you are seeking a grant.
  2. Impact - Description of how this grant will further your development and/or teaching, clearly stating the expected impact of this grant to your professional development, student success, faculty success and/or the campus community.
  3. Itemized budget. General requests without a breakdown of requested funds will NOT be approved.  All RIT policies must be adhered to for the use of these grant funds.  Click here to view RIT's Travel Policies & Procedures Manual. 
    (a) If you are applying to attend a conference, workshop, or presentation, the event URL is required on the application.
    (b) Meals associated with travel will be allowed at the per diem limit set by RIT travel policies. This amount should be adjusted for any meals included in conference attendance. 

Funding Decisions and Reporting Requirements

Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee; recipients will be notified at the end of November. If you are awarded a grant you will receive instructions for accessing funds and reporting on the use of your grant.

We would like to share your experience and request that all grant recipients help disseminate their results by completing a brief report following the project completion sharing the imapct of this grant on your professional development, success in your field, teaching, etc. Your outcomes may be used on the FCD website or other materials.

Questions should be directed to the Faculty Career Development team at FCDS@rit.edu.