Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Provost's Leadership Opportunity Grant (PLOG) recipients!  Grant recipient Impact Reports will be posted here upon conclusion of their activity/project. Learn more about this grant here

Pamela Conley, Associate Professor, NTID-Liberal Studies
Bridging the Generation Gap: Communicating Effectively in a Multi-Generational Workforce Conference

Denis Cormier, Earl W. Brinkman Professor, AMPrint Center Director. KGCOE-Industrial and Systems Engineering.
Advanced Leadership Development in Higher Education Conference

Paul Craig, Professor and Head of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, COS
Mutual Mentoring/Faculty Reading Groups to support the COS Leader Faculty Program  

Carl Lutzer, Professor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, COS-School of Mathematical Sciences
New Directors conference held by the National Collegiate Honors Council

"The workshop helped to prepare me for the role of Interim Director by providing both networking contacts, an opportunity to review other honors programs' structures, and a sense of the kinds of problems that I will face in the position; these include personnel, budgetary, and administrative issues.  The workshop alerted me to literature relevant to shaping the discussion of what RIT means by "honors," both at a programmatic- and course-level.  I have used these resources to inform discussions by the Honors Curriculum Committee during the fall semester, and will continue to access them as needed. This program has been helpful to me as I to step into my new role, and have to address administrative-level issues for the first time.  I hope it continues."

Kelly Martin, Associate Professor, CLA-Communication
Post-Tenure Pathfinders program, National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Karthik Namasivayam, Chair, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, CAST
Advanced Leadership Development in Higher Education Conference

"I am grateful to the Provost's office for providing me this opportunity.  I think this is an important experience and enhances my ability as a leader.  I strongly support the continuance, indeed expansion, of similar opportunities so that there can be more shared mental models and understanding among RIT faculty and leadership on what is leadership, how change happens, how to use one's strengths to advantage while minimizing those that do not help advance the individual, department, or the College.  The organizer provided an excellent workshop, the faculty leading the program were experienced, and the learning was useful and pertinent to academia.  I will recommend this program to more RIT leaders and faculty. 

Tom Oh, Associate Professor, GCCIS-Information Sciences and Technologies
Advanced Leadership Development in Higher Education Conference

Justin Pelletier, Lecturer and Business Director, SAFE Lab, Center for Cybersecurity-GCCIS
Cornell Grant Writing Workshop

"This workshop allowed me to lead a team in the pursuit of building my first grant proposal for an NSA grant. [I have] shared best practices for grant applications and proposal department."

Elizabeth Perry, Assistant Professor,  CHST, Biomedical Sciences                 
Annual Conference of the Association for Assessment of Learning (Poster Presentation)

"Attending the plenary talks and peer presentations at the international conference included diverse, inspiring case studies and research from academics and medical professionals.   This conference, based within the medical community, was outside the normal venue for an interior design presentation and invigorated a personal interest in creating a program proposal for advanced studies in global health. I have written and submitted a proposal to reinvigorate and lead a new and unique interior design master's degree. Few interior design healthcare masters programs exist, the proposed curriculum that includes diversified coursework in access technology, public policy, biomedical engineering and hospital administration. The proposed program aligns with existing RIT master's degrees and expertise on campus while staging RIT at the forefront of Global Health research, design and study.   The proposal is currently under review through CAD and with the Provost's office."                

Robert Pollard, Office of the Associate Dean of Research, NTID
Invited guest, Dr. Jeffrey Osborn, Dean, School of Science, The College of New Jersey, in a one-week consultation program @ RIT

"I felt it was a great opportunity for me, especially because the continuing education meetings, workshops, and conferences I've attended - seeking to learn how to perform my new role - have all had limited applicability to an *associate* dean of research.  They've all been focused either at a higher administrative level (e.g., the research VP for an entire university) or a lower level (e.g., research staff).  The PLOG application process was easy to do, as well.  Great program!"