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Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (CASTLE)

Building girls' confidence in science and math

The SMASH Experience for Girls is designed

  • to increase middle school girls' engagement and interests in STEM education and careers
  • to train future K-12 STEM educators, RIT undergraduate and graduate students with interests in teaching STEM

SMASH's curriculum focuses on improving the two attitudinal values, perceived usefulness of mathematics and mathematical self-efficacy, impacting math-related achievement.

Join us at RIT for five days of cool science fun with math.

Summer 2018 Dates: July 16-20
Rochester Institute of Technology Campus

BREAK into a week of summer math fun. . .
CRUSH any fears of learning math. . .
The SMASH Experience AWAKENS your passion for numbers!

  • Experience hands-on math learning that can lead to future real life opportunities.
  • Use math to uncover mysteries in the world around you.
  • Connect what you’ve learned in school to science activities at RIT.
  • Engage in recreational activities on campus such as ice-skating!
  • Build confidence while making new friends.

Register for this week long SMASH experience. Note: Registration opens mid-February.

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Thank you to our sponsors. Your generous donations have made SMASH 2017 possible.

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