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Department of Computer Science
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

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Tuesday and Thursday 10am-11am
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Joe Geigel


Department of Computer Science
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences


BS in Mathematics, Manhattan College; MS in Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology; DSc in Computer Science, The George Washington University


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Published Conference Proceedings
Decker, Juilee, et al. "Stitching Together Past and Present: Our Experiences with Costumed Interpretation and Virtual Reality." Proceedings of the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) 2021 Annual Meeting, online, June 2021. Ed. Kathy Dickson. Rochdale, MA: n.p., Web.
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Journal Paper
Decker, Juilee, et al. "Blending Disciplines for a Blended Reality: Virtual Guides for a Living History Museum." Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedogogy 1. 17 (2020): online. Web.
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Peer Reviewed/Juried Poster Presentation or Conference Paper
Scicali, Alberto, Ifeoma Nwogu, and Joe Geigel. "Mobile Emotion Recognition Engine." Proceedings of the Symposium for Applied Perception (SAP 2018). Ed. Betsy Sanders. Vancouver, BC: n.p..
Mishra, Antara and Joe Geigel. "Tone Reproduction for Virtual Reality Applications." Proceedings of the Symposium for Applied Perception (SAP 2018). Ed. Betsy Sanders. Vancouver, BC: n.p..
Invited Keynote/Presentation
Geigel, Joe. "Interdisciplinary Coursework Combining Art and Technology A Computer Science Perspective." ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Education Birds of a Feather (BoF) Talks (SIGGRAPH '15). ACM/SIGGRAPH. Los Angeles, CA. 11 Aug. 2015. Conference Presentation.
Book Chapter
Wang, Yuqoing and Joe Geigel. "Using Facial Emotional Signals for Communication Between Emotionally Expressive Avatars in Virtual Worlds." Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction - Volume Part II (ACII'11). Ed. Sidney D'Mello, et al. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2011. 297-304. Print.
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Currently Teaching

3 Credits
This course examines current topics in Computer Graphics. This is intended to allow faculty to pilot potential new undergraduate offerings. Specific course details (such as prerequisites, course seminar, format, learning outcomes, assessment methods, and resource needs) will be determined by the faculty member(s) who propose a specific seminar course in this area. Specific course instances will be identified as belonging to the Computer Graphics and Visualization cluster.
3 Credits
Foundations of Computer Graphics is a study of the hardware and software principles of interactive raster graphics. Topics include an introduction to the basic concepts, 2-D and 3-D modeling and transformations, viewing transformations, projections, rendering techniques, graphical software packages and graphics systems. The course will focus on rasterization techniques and emphasize the hardware rasterization pipeline including the use of hardware shaders. Students will use a standard computer graphics API to reinforce concepts and study fundamental computer graphics algorithms. Programming projects and a survey of the current graphics literature will be required. Note: students who complete CSCI-510 may not take CSCI-610 for credit.
3 Credits
This course will investigate the theory of global illumination (GI) in computer image synthesis. Seminal computer graphics papers will be used to explore the various components of the GI pipeline and explain how the path of light in a virtual scene can be simulated and used to create photorealistic imagery. The course will emphasize the theory behind various GI rendering tools and libraries available for image synthesis. The student will put theory into practice via a set of programming assignments and a capstone project. Topics will include light and color, three-dimensional scene specification, camera models, surface materials and textures, GI rendering methods, procedural shading, tone reproduction, and advanced rendering techniques. Readings and summaries of Computer Graphics literature will be required.
3 Credits
This course takes a look at computer animation from a programmer's perspective. It will investigate the theory, algorithms and techniques for describing and programming motion for virtual 3D worlds. Approaches that will be explored include keyframing systems; kinematics, motion of articulated figures, procedural and behavioral systems, and the use of motion capture data. This course is a programming-oriented course with major deliverables including the implementation of techniques presented in lecture as well as a final project concentrating on an area of a student's choice. Students enrolling in this course are expected to have proficiency in the use of at least one 3D API (e.g. OpenGL, DirectX, Java3D). Readings and summaries of Computer Graphics literature will be required. Offered every other year.
3 Credits
This course will investigate the application of virtual reality software and technology within a given domain. Working in sets of technical teams, students will collectively investigate and solve a large-scale visualization task within that problem domain. Focus of individual student teams may include (but is not limited to) distributed VR framework, viewing applications, interaction with VR devices / displays, and audio in virtual environments. Students will be required to read and summarize selected articles from VR literature, as well as papers specific to the problem domain being investigated, to assist in making design decisions. A report or survey of one aspect of using a virtual reality system within the given domain is also required. Students should have a strong programming background and a proficiency in a 3D API (OpenGL, DirectX, or Java3D). Students with expertise in distributed systems and an interest in Graphics or virtual reality are also encouraged to register. Offered every other year.
3 Credits
Project capstone of the master's degree program. Students select from a set of possible projects and confirm that they have a project adviser. Students enroll in a required colloquium component that meets weekly, during which they present information, related to their projects. Projects culminate with delivery of a final report and participation in a poster session open to the public.
3 Credits
This interdisciplinary course is designed for College of Art and Design and Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences students to work in collaboration to produce a semester long interactive music project. The students will work with upcoming young musicians in the Rochester area in teams consisting of programmers, designers, CG artists, photographers, and filmmakers, depending on class enrollment. The students will examine how digital technology is changing the way we experience and consume music. Students are introduced to the resources and tools necessary to produce an interactive music experience while working with professional musicians.

In the News

  • September 29, 2021

    graphic for 2021 virtual/augmented reality college rankings.

    RIT ranked among top AR/VR Colleges 

    RIT ranked No. 6 on the 2021 Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) College Rankings from Animation Career Review. RIT also ranked No. 3 on the east coast and No. 5 among private schools.

  • May 15, 2019

    Student wearing eye-tracking headset stands with another student holding laptop.

    RIT research helps artificial intelligence be more accurate, fair and inclusive

    RIT has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to help make artificial intelligence smarter and more inclusive. The grant creates the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site in Computational Sensing for Human-centered AI and will allow a total of 30 undergraduate students from across the country to spend 10 weeks at RIT.