4th Honors Program Colloquium: Celebrating Student Excellence

On Friday, April 26, our Zagreb campus hosted the 4th Honors Program Colloquium, where our students showcased their projects mentored by faculty. Led by Dr. Jakob Patekar, Associate Dean for Research and General Education, and Marija Šušak Mišetić, Academic Affairs & Student Services Department Manager, the Honors Program was established in the fall of 2022, with the aim to offer exceptional students the chance to delve into research and expand their academic journey at RIT Croatia.

This semester we welcomed 22 students who showcased their work of a diverse array of topics spanning algorithms, art, business, psychology, and beyond:

  • Natali Belušić: Citation and Writing Process in the Digital Age
  • Shivika Chopra: Facade & Grimace: the Figure Lost in the Ideal Perceptions
  • Nikola Črček: Influence of perceived value on preference and purchase decisions in the market of energy drinks
  • Mislav Grgić: Research of sociocultural environment in India based on a Hofstede model
  • Mia Ivančić: Pandemic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Students
  • Mia Ivančić: Utopian Realities: Exploring Literary and Cinematic Worlds
  • Lina Kovačec: Creative writers’ outlook on writing with Artificial Intelligence
  • Doroteja Krtalić: Dystopian Realities: Exploring Literary and Cinematic Worlds
  • Doroteja Krtalić: Prejudice among students
  • Antonia Kurtović: Impact of Digital Tools on Writing Styles of Students
  • Konstantin Kurygin: Human capital and state management: Essential attributes to Singapore’s economic prosperity
  • Konstantin Kurygin: Impact of informational quantity on organizational communication and retention
  • Helena Markulin: Using ChatGPT in Designing Databases Resistant to SQL Injection Attacks
  • Nora Miškulin: Fascade & Grimace: the Figure Lost in the Ideal Perceptions
  • Viktor Pavlović & Karlo Širić: Optimizing PyTest generation using openAI
  • Marta Primorac: Axiology of consumer values in higher education
  • Marta Primorac: Interactive Job Application
  • Tara Rakočević: The Prevalence of PTSD in University Students
  • Vito Schuster: Medical image recognition algorithm testing
  • Nutsa Sesiashvili: Arkensight: Rebranding the Artificial Vision
  • Mia Šimatović: Database Normalization with ChatGPT
  • Neva Vidović: Discrimination Against Female Founders in Croatia

Eligible students apply to participate in the program by selecting an Honors option from courses offered by RIT Croatia faculty. They work with their mentor and explore a chosen topic. Aside from the learning outcomes for students, this endeavor can result in deliverables such as studies, papers, and projects. This semester’s mentors include:

  • Dr. Nina Antičić
  • Scott Coleman, J.D.
  • Dr. Jurica Dolić
  • Zrinka Friganović-Sain, MSc
  • Dr. Ana Havelka Meštrović
  • Stefanie Hudspeth, BFA
  • Dr. Branko Mihaljević
  • Velebit Mirić, MSc
  • Dr. Evelina Miščin
  • Dr. Alan Mutka
  • Dr. Jakob Patekar
  • Dr. Aleksander Radovan
  • Dr. Jasminka Samaradžija
  • Dr. Maja Vidović
  • Dr. Martin Žagar

Once again, this semester's Honors Program Colloquium proved to be an inspiring showcase of student excellence and academic achievement – we are so proud of all of you!


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