Student Clubs and Organizations

With more than 20 student clubs and Student Government on our campuses supporting on-campus and off-campus activities and events, you are sure to stay busy at RIT Croatia. Whether you are into art, business, books, debate, gaming, music, sports, or volunteering, you’ll almost certainly find others at RIT Croatia who share your passion.

Join a Club

To join an existing club check out the list of clubs below, and reach out to the club president and express your interest. Depending on the nature of the club, some of them accept members during specific times of the year and others can be joined at any point during the academic year.

Start a Club

Clubs can be started at the beginning of every academic year, and deadlines are announced by our Student Government via email. In order to start a club you need a minimum of 10 members and you need to submit an official proposal to the Student Government Advisor.

If you want to start a club, it is best to talk to our Student Government Advisors: