Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education:
Experience that Makes a Difference!

The demands of the modern business world are greater than ever before. This means that upon completion of your studies you must be prepared for real business challenges. 

At RIT Croatia, our students earn more than a degree. They graduate with real, relevant career experience. And that’s because of RIT’s cooperative education program, one of the best university co-op programs in the world. There’s a reason RIT is ranked 12th among top schools for co-op and internship programs by U.S. News & World Report (2022). 

RIT’s cooperative education program is designed to provide you with career experience–early and often–to a variety of industries and environments. And, with cooperative education and internships built into all undergraduate programs delivered at RIT Croatia, you’ll gain the experience that sets you apart–experience that employers look for in their next top hires.

Our Career Services advisers will prepare you for a successful integration into the labor market and help you with your career plans.

A cooperative education program combines classroom learning with hands-on experience gained in industry. At RIT Croatia, co-op is built into all undergraduate programs. You’ll alternate blocks of co-op with semesters of on-campus study. On co-op, you’ll work in industry learning the ins and outs of professional life in your degree field. RIT’ Croatia’s co-op program is designed for you to gain real career experience by completing meaningful projects and assignments for your co-op employer, work that contributes to a company’s objectives and goals. Your co-op is also supervised, which provides mentoring opportunities and one-on-one collaboration with professionals in the field.

At RIT Croatia, students are responsible for identifying and applying to co-op positions. However, RIT Croatia has built partnerships with numerous hiring organizations and we assist in connecting you to numerous employers who are looking to hire students for co-op. Our annual Career Education Day, organized on both campuses in the spring semester, welcomes hundreds of employers. At this event, employers meet directly with students and conduct hundreds of interviews. Also, many guest lectures and info sessions on relevant industry topics are organized throughout the academic year, and many co-op opportunities are announced to our students on a regular basis.

In addition, many employers seek out our students specifically for co-ops, knowing that they will be hiring a prepared, well-rounded student who can make meaningful contributions to their organizations.

RIT Croatia's Career Services office cooperates with companies on a regional and international level. Career Services guides students through their career development by assisting them in finding co-op placements, connecting them with the business community and helping them make informed career choices.

They work individually with potential employers in order to help them identify students to fill co-op placements, internships or permanent positions.

Once a year, RIT Croatia’s Career Services office organizes the Career Education Day, a professional event where representatives of some of the most renowned companies from Croatia and the region gather to meet our students. The event helps students network with potential employers and to learn about different companies and their offerings. The event is an excellent opportunity to meet company representatives, do an interview for a co-op, seasonal or permanent job, or build your business contacts.

Career Education Day is a one-day event with a series of company presentations, panels and networking activities, and numerous interviews with potential co-op candidates. RIT Croatia students actively participate in the event and are well prepared for it, as prior to Career Education Day various seminars and workshops are held by prominent Croatian experts and distinguished professors.


Minimum 400-800 hours of working experience required for graduation, depending on the chosen program of study.


Years of co-op conducted since 1997


Hiring companies in more than 60 countries all over the world


Institution of higher education in Croatia and immediate region to organize Career Education Days where students meet their potential employers.

Employers say our Students are


Willing to learn

Teamwork oriented



Good communicators

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8 Reasons why Co-op is a Key to Success

1. High employment outcome
RIT Croatia has an overall 86 percent outcomes rate (generation 2023). Students gain experience early and often, apply their learning in meaningful ways, contribute to real-world problems, and build noteworthy resumes.

2. Career experience before you graduate
Through your interaction with industry experts, exploration of professional work environments, understanding of perspectives, and application of skills in real world settings, you’ll amass solid, career-focused experience. You are well-positioned for outstanding employment opportunities.

3. Test drive career options
Co-ops are a great way to explore different jobs, industries, and types of organizations with no risk, helping you make a more informed decision about the types of careers and work environments you most enjoy working.

4. Earn a full-time salary
Most of our students do paid internships full-time. It is an excellent complement to the personal budget and can help finance the cost of studying. Some students work pro bono, but this is a rare case and is always tied to a specific career goal that overrides the financial aspect.

5. No fees or tuition
You won’t be charged fees or tuition for your co-ops or internships, because we believe you should be able to focus on developing your skills, gaining hands-on experience, and exploring your professional future without worrying about extra expenses.

6. Extraordinary employer and alumni partnerships
Industry partnerships provide unmatched opportunities at influential, innovative companies worldwide. And, with over 3,000 RIT Croatia alumni working around the globe, you’ll benefit from a network of professionals ready to advise and support your career aspirations.

7. Unparalleled support
RIT Croatia’s career services advisors do more than help you identify and apply to co-op positions. They continually check in, provide guidance and support, and are an invaluable resource for all of your professional inquires while you’re off gaining career experience.

8. Develop the “soft skills” that lead to success
RIT Croatia can teach you the technical and analytical skills that make you a valuable employee. But the soft skills–leadership, judgment, attitude, self-confidence, etiquette awareness, professionalism–those are the competencies that truly set you apart, and the skills that can only be learned on the job.

RIT Croatia's Outstanding Hiring Partners

  • Fortenova
  • Foreo
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Styria Media Group
  • IBM iX
  • Infobip
  • Microblink
  • Good Game Global
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla
  • Maistra
  • Maslina
  • Valamar
  • Hilton Imperial
  • Falkensteiner

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