Prepare for your recruiting season with our Career Services office

Our Career Services office provides several different ways for employers to promote their company to RIT Croatia students and alumni. With us you can:

  • Post co-op opportunities to our current students
  • Post full-time job opportunities through our database of over 3,000 active Alumni members
  • Access our database of qualified students for part-time student jobs
  • Host Information Sessions about your company 
  • Collect resumes and interview students and alumni 
  • Participate in our annual Career Education Day and other networking events
  • Network with students through information sessions 
  • Raise awareness of your company - employer branding.
  • Incorporate various business situations into student case studies and get various, fresh ideas, and perspectives.

The aim of the office is to provide support to future employers in identifying young, talented professionals and to provide effective services to students that empower them to succeed in their career paths.

Each one of our employer partners is paired with a specific point of contact in our office for all recruitment needs. To learn more about recruiting RIT Croatia students and alumni, and participating in our events, reach out to our Career Services Department at cscro@rit.edu.

We guide students through their career development by assisting them in finding co-op placements, connecting them with the business community, and helping them make informed career choices. We work individually with potential employers in order to help them identify students to fill co-op placements, internships, or permanent positions.

Participate in our annual Career Education Day

Once a year, RIT Croatia’s Career Services office organizes Career Education Day, a professional event where representatives of some of the most renowned companies from Croatia and the region gather to meet our students. The event helps students network with potential employers and to learn about different companies and their offerings. The event is an excellent opportunity to meet company representatives, do an interview for a co-op, seasonal, or permanent job, or build your business contacts.

Career Education Day is a one-day event with a series of company presentations, panels, networking activities, and numerous interviews with potential co-op candidates. RIT Croatia students actively participate in the event and are well prepared for it, as prior to Career Education Day various seminars and workshops are held by prominent Croatian experts and distinguished professors.

Sneak peek into some of our previous Career Education Days