Student Government

"As members of the RIT Croatia Student Government, our primary objective is to represent the voice of our fellow students and promote their best interests. We are dedicated to building a strong and supportive community where students can connect with each other and explore many opportunities available to them. Our mission is to empower every student to succeed and grow both academically and personally. By working together, we create a vibrant and inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity and achievements of our student body."

-Marta Primorac, President of Student Government

About Student Government

RIT Croatia’s Student Government (SG) is a self-governing organization of and for the students of RIT Croatia working to improve the quality of student life. The Student Government is represented through an elected body called the Executive Committee. Executive Committee consists of two RIT Croatia Student Government Executive committees: RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus Student Government Executive Committee and RIT Croatia Zagreb campus Student Government Executive Committee. Both committees are responsible for establishing SG’s long-range goals, organizing various student events, managing the SG financial funds, preparation of the budget and disbursement of funds to student events and projects and dealing with suggestions and issues raised by the students regarding programs, courses and classes.

The Student Government will ensure that the student interests are properly represented as well as addressed by RIT Croatia’s administration, staff and faculty. In order to assure this, Executive Committee will announce frequent open forums where students will be able to participate.

The Executive Committee also works on establishing relationships that are beneficial for RIT Croatia and its students, with organizations such as the RIT Student Government, the Croatian Student Organization, Croatian Student Council of Universities and University Colleges of Applied Sciences, global campuses and other organizations.

Members and Positions

The members of the Student Government (9) divide various functions among themselves, such as taking care of events and sports activities, and helping student clubs with their operations.

President (one position for both campuses) leads the Student Government connecting the work of two campuses and builds connections, improving and maintaining the structure and workflows of the SG, and being responsible for achieving the goals set.

Vice president (one per campus) leads the Student Government of the designated campus coordinating events and projects planned, as well as the communication with members. The vice president supports the president in their role and in case of them stepping down, the VP attends to their functions until the election of a new President happens.

Head of Finance and Events (one per campus) organizes events for the student body of the designated campus. Department commits to organize events that serve a variety of purposes that include - education, cultural development, sport, and fun; in order to engage as many students as possible, while maintaining the high quality.

Head of Marketing and Clubs (one per campus) is responsible for event promotion and social media management coordination, oversees clubs’ activities and financial state.

Head of Advocacy and Communication (one per campus) ensures that the student body is informed about the entire scope of student activities, gathering information about student suggestions/feedback as well as making sure they are being communicated clearly. HoD takes the role of a Student Ombudsperson and has a responsibility of being available to students upon request.

SG Members AY 2022/2023


During the year SG organizes various events for our students with the aim to meet the student body, learn something new, help others and most importantly – have fun! Events organized by SG include:

  • Charity Auction - Traditional event with a charitable cause that brings the staff, faculty, and the students together - all by a great cause of helping those in need.
  • Performance Art Night - Traditional event with great participation of students who engage in various activities such as stand-up comedy or singing.
  • Pub Quiz – Quizzes organized on variety of topics from general knowledge to themed evenings.
  • Pizza and coffee with the SG – Networking events where students can share their ideas or concerns with the SG members.
  • Company visits - To facilitate experiencing workdays in successful companies, networking with professionals from the field and learning about the work environment works on a daily basis.
  • Themed events – Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day events.
  • Workshops – SG organizes a variety of workshops for students depending on their current interests.

Full list of Student Government events - Dubrovnik campus

Full list of Student Government events - Zagreb campus

Election process and joining Student Government

And while the president and two vice presidents are elected by the members of SG, all SG members are elected by RT Croatia students. If you are interested in joining us, here is how you can become a member:

Freshmen students – at the beginning of each academic year, new freshmen students can apply to become SG members. Student Government will inform students about specific deadlines at the beginning of the year. Students go through interview process with current SG members. After the interviews, 3-5 new members are selected for a probation period, and after one semester 3 members become full time members of the SG team.

Current students – at the end of every academic year current students can apply for the vacant positions with in the SG team. Student body elects their representatives through a vote. Student Government will inform students about specific deadlines at the end of the year.

If you have any questions about SG or joining SG, please contact