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We’re here to support your future success and make a world-class education within reach.  We are committed to making the RIT Croatia experience accessible. Our goal is to work with each family to create a financial plan that provides the means to help you launch the career of your dreams.

An affordable investment


Financial aid

more than 80% of last year’s applicants who applied for financial aid were awarded scholarships or financial aid from RIT Croatia 

350+ K €

Help covering the cost

RIT Croatia annually awards more than 350,000 EUR in financial aid and scholarships to undergraduate first-year students.


Successful employment rate

Percentage of RIT Croatia students (Class of 2023) who have entered the workforce, enrolled in full-time graduate study, and or are pursuing alternative plans (e.g., continuing education) within six months of graduation

2024-2025 Cost of Tuition

Tuition for undergraduate programs (academic year 2024/2025, fall and spring intake)

  • EU citizens: 7,200.00 EUR / year 
  • Per credit: 300,00 EUR

EU tuition rate is also applied to students from the following countries in the region: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

  • Non-EU citizens : 8,200.00 EUR / year 
  • Per credit: 341,66 EUR

Note: The above-stated yearly tuition applies for students taking a full course load in each of the semesters (12-17 semester credits).

In case of overload or underload, tuition is calculated per credit. 


Tuition for undergraduate programs (for students enrolled starting from the academic year 2023/24, fall and spring intake)

The tuition for students with EU citizenship starting the 2023/2024 academic year in either fall or spring and taking a full course load** (two semesters, each comprising 12-17 semester credits***) amounts to 6,800.00 EUR. It can be paid in two installments.

The tuition for non-EU citizen students starting the 2023/2024 academic year in either fall or spring and taking a full course load** (two semesters, each comprising 12-17 semester credits***) amounts to 7,800.00 EUR. It can be paid in two installments.

**In case of additional load (attending more than the anticipated number of courses in a semester), each additional credit totals 341,66 EUR

***The academic credit system is a standard used by universities to measure and assess students’ work and learning outcomes in the course of their studies – just like the ECTS evaluation system (the credit system used in the Bologna Process).


Payment methods for undergraduate students

The tuition can be paid in two equal installments. The deadlines for tuition payments are as follows:

  •  August 1, 2024, for the fall semester, and
  • December 1, 2024, for the spring semester.

Tuition payment deadlines for first-time RIT Croatia students are changeable. For more information about installment payment and payment deadlines, please contact our Admission Office at


Tuition for Master of Science programs

The tuition for students enrolling in Master of Science programs in the 2024/2025 academic year amounts to EUR 17,500.00, and covers the following expenses:

  • classes by the RIT curriculum, including the use of the university’s myCourses IT system
  • all the reading and other materials necessary for the chosen program
  • use of the library and access to the RIT digital library
  • use of contemporary equipped computer classrooms
  • academic advising
  • diploma production
  • graduation caps and gowns
  • commencement ceremony
  • use of modernly equipped RIT Croatia gym.

RIT Croatia alumni are entitled to a 4,500.00 EUR scholarship. 

Payment methods for Master of Science students

Please contact our Admissions office at for more information about the available options and payment deadlines.

Current undergraduate students can find all tuition related information HERE

Financial Aid and Scholarships

At RIT Croatia, we believe costs should never keep you from earning an education and following your dreams. We offer a comprehensive, need-based financial aid program, various scholarship options, and student employment opportunities.

Learn more about financial aid and scholarships

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Student Loans

There are a number of banks offering student loans that can be used to help finance your education. You can find more information about loans and lending terms in Croatia on the websites of the following banks and other institutions:

For more information about student loan possibilities in your country, please contact your local banks.

Ethical Code

As a global campus of RIT, we are committed to creating the best learning experience for our students, and are, accordingly, continually investing in futher developing and enhancing our programs, as well as making investments in technologies and facilities our students use. The changing nature of the market conditions we operate in affect the tuition that RIT Croatia’s Board of Trustees defines and approves annually.

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