Projects and Grants

At RIT Croatia we take every opportunity to make a positive impact. Our esteemed faculty members go above and beyond to detect opportunities for further development and contribution both locally and globally.

Current projects

MONI.CA – Air MONItoring aCross Adriatic (EU Interreg Italy-Croatia, 2023–)

"The goal of the MONI.CA project is to contribute to solving emerging air quality problems and to proactively address the health of urban populations through effective problem-solving with smart technologies. We hope that the collected information will be beneficial to city authorities, enabling them to detect sources of pollution and take preventive action for the well-being of the local population.” – Dr. Martin Žagar, principal investigator

Global Gamemakers: Cross-Cultural Interactive Design through UEFN (RIT Global Faculty Research Grant, 2024–)

“Through this initiative, we want to integrate the strengths of two amazing RIT programs, the 3D Digital Design program, and the New Media Design program: creating a virtual environment by combining game development with interactive and interface design. We aim to empower the next generation of designers to create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.” – Dr. Ante Poljičak, co-principal investigator

Shaun Foster (RIT), Jason Arena (RIT), Ante Poljičak (RIT Croatia), Jurica Dolić (RIT Croatia)