Global Gamemakers Wins RIT Global Faculty Grant

Global Gamemakers: Cross-Cultural Interactive Design through UEFN, led by Principal Investigator Shaun Foster, alongside Co-Principal Investigators Jason Arena, Dr. Ante Poljičak, and Dr. Jurica Dolić has received a grant within the recently established RIT Global Faculty Grants. This project leverages Unreal Engine Fortnite’s (UEFN) cloud-based workflow to foster cross-cultural collaboration, research, and experiential learning among students from RIT's 3D Digital Design and New Media Design departments, both in Rochester and Croatia.

Ante Poljičak, Co-Principal Investigator and advocate for cross-cultural exchange, emphasizes the transformative impact of the project. "Global Gamemakers represents a unique opportunity for students to explore diverse perspectives through interactive storytelling," says Poljičak. "Through this initiative, we want to integrate the strengths of two amazing RIT’s programs, the 3D Digital Design program, and the New Media Design program: creating a virtual environment by combining game development with interactive and interface design. We aim to empower the next generation of designers to create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide."

Students from both campuses will collaborate virtually, harnessing UEFN's cloud-based workflow to design and develop their own interactive experiences. “This multiplayer learning experience will be based on iterative design and regular feedback,” adds Dolić. “We will put a special emphasis on cultural and knowledge exchange, while further developing design, technical, and collaborative skills of RIT’s students.”

The project is a testament to RIT’s capabilities of innovation and cross-cultural collaboration in higher education. It aims to contribute to the great relationship between RIT’s global campuses as well as to lay the groundwork for future international collaborations.