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RIThink is a professional and scientific journal of peer-reviewed articles from a broad range of fields. Available online, RIThink supports a virtual multidisciplinary conversation about the practical and theoretical issues of our time. The journal brings together scientists, researchers, experts, and students in an open academic discourse of innovative ideas, both tested and untested. Papers co-authored by academic researchers and their students are particularly encouraged.



  • Dr. Staša Puškarić (2012 – 2016)
  • Dr. Jasminka Samardžija (2017)
  • Dr. Luka Boršić (2018 –)


  • Dr. Jakob Patekar and Dr. Francis Brassard (2023 -).

Copy Editor

Members of the editorial board:

  • Luka Boršić
  • Nikolina Božinović
  • Matea Butković
  • Nikola Drašković
  • Timothy Engstrom (RIT's College of Liberal Arts)
  • Ana Havelka Meštrović
  • Tanja Jovanovic (Emory University School of Medicine)
  • Anastasia Kynighou (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Elizabeth Lawley (RIT's Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences)
  • Michael Palanski (RIT's Saunders College of Business)
  • Jakob Patekar
  • Torrence Sparkman (RIT's College of Applied Science & Technology)
  • Majda Tafra
  • Maja Vidović


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