MONI.CA project will host international student exchanges in Italy and Croatia

The MONI.CA project, an initiative dedicated to monitoring air quality along the Adriatic, is making significant progress under the leadership of RIT Croatia and its esteemed Italian partner, Eduforma S.r.l. Funded by Interreg Italy-Croatia, this small-scale project seeks to combat the detrimental effects of air pollution on public health by establishing a cross-border pilot initiative that leverages smart and adaptable air monitoring technologies. The MONI.CA project is set to transform air quality monitoring by providing decision-makers with valuable data, enabling them to proactively address pollution sources.

Starting in September, the MONI.CA project will host two international student exchanges, one in Padua, Italy, and another in Croatia. The study visit will take place in Italy from September 27-29, 2024, and in Croatia the following week. Trip and accommodation expenses will be covered by the organizers. These exchanges will offer participants a chance to delve into the project's innovative technology for air quality monitoring and connect with STEM students from Italian and Croatian technical schools.

„This initiative underscores the importance of international collaboration in addressing environmental challenges and we are eager to include young bright minds from Croatia and Italy into this project,“ said team lead Dr. Martin Žagar.

During the six-day exchange, 10 students from Croatia and 10 students from Italy will participate in workshops led by experts from various fields, including informatics, environmental science, and biology. They will also compete in a hackathon, working in international teams and evaluated by a jury of experts.

In the second part of the exchange, participants will engage in the testing phase of the project's technological solutions, experiencing firsthand the operation of solar gliders and drones used for air quality monitoring. This hands-on experience will provide students with a deeper understanding of the technology and inspire them to develop their own groundbreaking innovations.

To compete for 10 open positions in the exchange, interested students can fill out the survey available at this link.

For more information about the MONI.CA Project and its upcoming events, visit the project's website.


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