Celebrating Excellence in Education: RIT Croatia Honors Outstanding Faculty Members

At RIT Croatia, the commitment to teaching excellence is highly valued and celebrated on yearly basis. During the 2024 commencement ceremonies, held in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, the institution recognized four distinguished faculty members with the prestigious Faculty Excellence in Teaching Awards. The awards were granted based on the students’ feedback and here are this year’s recipients:

Zagreb campus:

Dr. Kristijan Tabak is renowned for his exemplary teaching style, which simplifies complex tasks and terms, pushing students to achieve their best. His expediency in grading exams, providing valuable feedback, and fairness are highly appreciated by students. Dr. Tabak's unique and memorable examples, especially in Discrete Mathematics, help students grasp intricate concepts with ease, making him a standout educator at the Zagreb campus.

Dr. Vanja Vejzagić is celebrated for an engaging teaching style that motivates students to be more productive. His fair and comprehensible explanations of complex topics, coupled with fun and challenging classes, earn high praise from students. The real-world experience conveyed through his course design and delivery, along with his dedication to education and student success, sets him apart as a model of teaching excellence.

Dubrovnik campus:

Dr. Besim Agušaj is recognized as an exceptional educator who prioritizes student success above all else. His clear and captivating teaching approach ensures that every student understands the material and stays engaged throughout the learning process. The supportive learning environment he nurtures makes students feel valued and motivated to excel, marking him as a distinguished faculty member at the Dubrovnik campus.

Zrinka Friganović Sain, MS is honored for creating an engaging and dynamic class atmosphere. Her approachability and clarity in communication are greatly appreciated by students, who value her readiness to review assignment drafts and provide detailed feedback and direction. She exemplifies an instructor who not only focuses on the quality and quantity of student learning but also genuinely cares about her students' overall well-being.

These awards highlight the dedication and impact of RIT Croatia's faculty members in enhancing the academic experience and success of their students. Their commitment to teaching excellence serves as an inspiration to the entire academic community. Congratulations and well deserved!


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