Celebrating Excellence: RIT Croatia's Dean's List Honors Spring Semester 2022-23

Academic excellence is the center of any educational institution and a cause for celebration. RIT Croatia takes great pride in recognizing and honoring its academically strong students who achieve the prestigious Dean's List status. In the spring semester of 2022-23, an impressive 197 students earned this distinguished honor, with a GPA of over 3.40. This accomplishment showcases the academic strength and readiness of our students to go above and beyond in their pursuit of knowledge.

The 197 students who made it to the Dean's List for the spring semester represent all of RIT Croatia’s undergraduate programs: 113 students are from the Global Business Management/IB program, 50 students from the Web and Mobile Computing program, 31 students from the Hospitality and Tourism Management program, and 3 students from the New Media Design program. These individuals have demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence and dedication to their respective fields of study.

Achieving the Dean's List status is an honor, and the fact that these 197 students make up close to 25% of the student body is a testament to RIT Croatia’s dedication to foster an environment where students can excel and reach their full potential.

To honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of these academically strong students, RIT Croatia organized a celebratory dinner. The event brought together the Dean’s List students, faculty members, and the Deans from both the Zagreb and Dubrovnik campuses. The celebratory dinner was not just about enjoying a meal; it was an occasion to recognize the students for their outstanding accomplishments and encourage them to continue striving for excellence. The Deans and faculty members took this opportunity to express their appreciation for the student's commitment to their academic pursuits.

The event also provided a platform for students to interact with faculty members and Deans outside of the classroom. This informal setting fostered a sense of community and allowed students to connect with their mentors and professors, creating opportunities for collaborative endeavors and shared learning experiences.