OLA 2024 Conference Explores Frontiers of Optimization and Learning in Dubrovnik

The OLA 2024 International Conference on Optimization & Learning concluded its three-day exploration of cutting-edge research and collaboration opportunities at the RIT Croatia campus in Dubrovnik. Hosted by RIT Croatia and the University of Lille, France, the conference brought together over 40 expert mathematicians worldwide. The conference, held from May 13-15, 2024, offered a platform for experts to delve into the future challenges of optimization and learning methods, along with their extensive applications.

Dr. Martin Žagar, Conference Chair and a faculty member at RIT Croatia, expressed his enthusiasm about the conference being held at the RIT Croatia premises. He highlighted the importance of addressing future challenges in optimization and learning methods, particularly emphasizing their applications in various domains crucial for Industry 4.0.

Dr. El Ghazali Talbi, Conference Steering Committee Chair and a professor from the University of Lille, France, underscored the significance of decision-making and machine learning methods, along with their applications in diverse fields. He emphasized how artificial intelligence can revolutionize complex problem-solving in areas such as logistics, transportation, bio-medical, and engineering design.

The conference facilitated fruitful discussions, project and research presentations, and the development of new collaborations among over 40 participants from 16 countries. With a focus on interdisciplinary approaches, OLA 2024 aimed to push the boundaries of optimization and learning methods, paving the way for innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

As the event concluded, participants departed with enriched insights, promising connections, and a renewed commitment to advancing the frontiers of optimization and learning in today's rapidly evolving world.

Detailed program of the OLA 2024 conference containing all topics covered can be found HERE.