RIT Croatia Celebrates Academic Excellence: Meet the 2024 Valedictorians!

Each year, RIT Croatia celebrates the remarkable achievements of its top students graduating from Dubrovnik and Zagreb campuses. The Class of 2024 has brought forward two exceptional valedictorians. A valedictorian is a student with the highest grade in a graduating class, and who gives a speech at their graduating ceremony. This year Marta Primorac from the Zagreb Campus, and Jana Radonjić from the Dubrovnik Campus were honored with this title! Both students have maintained an impressive 4.00 cumulative GPA throughout their academic journey, and both have taken on leadership roles contributing to the betterment not only of our college and student experience but our wider communities as well.

Marta and Jana exemplify the dedication, passion, and academic excellence that RIT Croatia strives to cultivate in all members of its community.

Marta Primorac: Embracing challenges is a great opportunity to learn and grow.
Marta is an International Business and an Honors Program student. She has held various leadership positions and has been actively engaged in volunteering and mentoring different classes. She explains how this recognition serves as a testament to her dedication and hard work, which will open numerous doors in her career. The recognition is meaningful to Marta as it reflects her effort throughout her academic years: “
I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and accomplishment. I have a deep appreciation for continuous learning and improvement. Beyond academics, my time at RIT Croatia was enriched by the diverse community of students and faculty, offering me a global perspective and invaluable insights into different cultures and ways of thinking. These years have been transformative in shaping who I am today. I have a deep appreciation for continuous learning and improvement.” Additionally, Marta emphasizes that “while academics are important, they are not crucial and they do not have to define a person. Taking care of your mental and physical well-being while you are a student, and pursuing interests outside the classroom is equally important.

Jana Radonjić: This is an indicator of the values and efforts that have shaped my journey this far.

Jana is a Hospitality and Tourism Management student and has held leadership positions in various clubs while being actively involved in volunteering and tutoring different courses. She says that this recognition serves as a validation of her capabilities and dedication: “This award holds immense significance for me both professionally and personally. It reflects more than just academic excellence; it embodies traits such as dedication, perseverance, and consistency. Professionally, it provides a significant boost for my future goals, serving as a validation of my capabilities and dedication. On a personal level, it deeply impacts my overall self-development and confidence, which I consider fundamental for future achievements.” When asked about the importance of academic success, Jana says that success is not solely about grades. It is about building confidence, and consistency, and continuously striving for growth. This type of mindset is about “recognizing areas where improvement is needed and constantly striving for growth. (…) it isn’t just beneficial academically – it also sets the stage for success in various aspects of life later on.

“Our valedictorians, Jana and Marta, serve as a testament to the institution's commitment to excellence and the success of the members of our academic community. We are so proud to have them as our students and the voices of their graduating generation”, said Dr. Irena Guszak, President and Dean of RIT Croatia. “Their reflections offer invaluable insights and advice to current and future students about the importance of academic success as a foundation for personal and professional growth. We will celebrate their achievements, along with all of our students, at the RIT Croatia Spring 2024 Commencement Ceremonies.”


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