​​​​​​​RIT Croatia Senior HTM Students celebrate World Tourism Day 2023 with an inspiring Guest Lecture

In celebration of World Tourism Day 2023, senior students at RIT Croatia's Hospitality and Tourism Management program were treated to an insightful guest lecture by Mr. Daniel Marušić, the esteemed owner of DT Croatia. Organized as a part of the Meeting and Events Management course, the guest lecture showcases RIT Croatia's commitment to bridging the gap between the tourism industry and academia.

Mr. Marušić, recently awarded as one of the TOP 10 most influential representatives of agencies for the organization of meetings and events in the area of the so-called “New Europe”, shared a wealth of knowledge and experience during the guest lecture. He delved into the rich history of DT Croatia, highlighting the company's journey through its ups and downs, and offered valuable insights into the core business strategies that have made DT Croatia a leader in the industry.

One of the key highlights of Mr. Marušić's presentation was his exploration of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry in Dubrovnik and Croatia. He shed light on the region's growing importance as a MICE destination, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic sector.

The interactive session featured an engaging Q&A session where students had the opportunity to pose questions and gain deeper insights from Mr. Marušić's vast expertise. Their active participation demonstrated their enthusiasm for learning and their keen interest in the tourism and hospitality industry.

RIT Croatia has a long-standing tradition of connecting its students with industry leaders through guest lectures, workshops, and internships. This event exemplified the university's commitment to enhancing the educational experience of its students by providing real-world perspectives and networking opportunities.

"We believe that bringing industry professionals like Mr. Marušić to our campus is invaluable," said Ms. Milena Kužnin, Senior Lecturer at RIT Croatia. "It provides our students with a unique chance to gain practical insights, ask questions, and form connections that will benefit them as they embark on their careers in the hospitality and tourism sector."