Student Spotlight: Gabriel's entrepreneurial journey with Business Card Club

Discover how Gabriel, an International Business student at RIT Croatia’s Zagreb campus, is adding a fresh perspective to the student entrepreneurial scene.

Gabriel Beloša, an International Business student at RIT Croatia’s Zagreb campus, started his entrepreneurial journey with Business Card Club – an innovative platform providing digital and physical business card solutions.

21 years old and already an entrepreneur

Gabriel’s entrepreneurial journey began at 14 when he started working as a self-taught web designer. By the age of 18, he was navigating the complexities of direct sales as a distributor with Forever Living Products. This experience honed his skills in marketing and personal networking, Gabriel told us. His early ventures laid the groundwork for his current endeavor, Business Card Club.

When he’s not working, you'll find Gabriel on the greens perfecting his golf swing, on the court playing tennis or on a jet ski in the JetSki SPI-RIT club, where he is one of the board members. These pursuits aren't just pastimes, Gabriel told us, they're extensions of his entrepreneurial spirit, with each swing, serve, and strategic decision fueling his drive to innovate.

Education with a bigger cause than just academic one

Gabriel is a third-year student at RIT Croatia, pursuing a degree in International Business. “This program is more than just an academic pursuit; it's a strategic choice to deepen my understanding of global business dynamics, which are integral to the success of ventures like Business Card Club”, Gabriel explained.

At RIT Croatia, the focus is on practical learning and acquiring competitive soft and hard skills. Students have the opportunity to complete up to 800 hours of professional practice in their field of study and, through various events, meet and learn from professionals in various industries. All of this aims to encourage students to develop their careers even during their studies, and Gabriel is a true example of how to leverage acquired knowledge for the development of one's own business.

Business Card Club – shift from the old-school to technologically advanced representation

Business Card Club was born when Gabriel and his dad got tired of the old-school paper business card hassle. They realized that the act of exchanging paper cards was not just archaic but also limited in functionality. They wanted something better – so they made it. 

“We envisioned a service that would not only eliminate the need for paper but also provide a more sophisticated and comprehensive way to share professional profiles, links, photos, and contact details. Thus, Business Card Club was born, a premium, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced solution that every business professional could rely on”, Gabriel explained.

Business Card Club is an innovative platform offering both digital and physical business card solutions. It features digital business card creation with customizable branding, live changes, and SEO settings. The platform also provides a sleek black matte NFC card for physical exchanges. Additional features include powerful analytics, Vcard links, custom domains, and project management tools. It's user-friendly, stands out from the competition, and has success stories to prove it.