Online Application

Part I: Applicant Information

Preferred T-Shirt Size

Part II: Personal Statement

Part III: Short Answer

Part IV: Community Leadership Information

Part V: Transfer Credit

Part VI: Program Cost

The total cost to families is the $450 Program Registration fee. Payments must be made through the RIT EServices Portal: Students must visit and log in with their RIT credentials. Under the “Financial Services” tab on the left, click “Account Balances.” Listed here are options to “Make A Payment To Student Account” in the form of eCheck, Credit Card, Mail a Check, or International Payments.

Should the registration fee present a hardship, a Plea for Assistance must be sent to Mr. Jonathan Ntheketha at detailing the nature of the request. Please include name and RIT university ID number so the plea can be connected to the application.

Destler/Johnson Rochester City Scholars should contact Jonathan Ntheketha at either (585) 475-4312 or before making a payment.

In order for an application to be complete, applicants must ensure payment is received no later than June 5, 2020.

Part VII: Agreement