Advanced Manufacturing

The advanced manufacturing research group focuses on developing next generation manufacturing techniques, working with and characterizing novel materials, and designing new products having unique properties made possible through the use of advanced materials and processes.


3D Printing (3DP), Additive Manufacturing (AM), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), CNC Machining, Computer Aided Design, Biomanufacturing


 Metal AM via jetting of liquid metal droplets

 Engineered lattice and cellular materials

 Collaborative robotics

 3D printed tissue scaffolds

 Carbon fiber composite 3DP/AM

 Training of machine operators using AR/VR

 Printed electronics

 Hybrid metal additive and subtractive manufacturing

Students have access to world-class facilities.

Three people looking through an orange glass window of a piece of equipment in RIT's Advanced Manufacturing Print Center.

AMPrint Center

A professor shows a student a piece of equipment in RIT's Brinkman Machine Tools and Manufacturing Lab.

Brinkman Machine Tools and Manufacturing Lab

A student wearing a white coat and gloves, works with a 3D printing bio device machine.

Interdisciplinary Manufacturing Engineering and Design Laboratory

Research Briefs

Alternative Energy/Sustainable System Design

Characterization and Modeling of a Plastic Film Transpired Solar Collector With and Without Perforated Glazing

Advanced Manufacturing

Printed Electronics Using Liquid Metal Droplet Jetting

Advanced Biomanufacturing

Topographical and Chemical Patterning of Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering