Poster Design Contest

RIT students are invited to create a design for this year’s festival poster that captures the spirit of Imagine RIT: Creativity and Innovation Festival. The poster will be used to publicize the event with the RIT and Rochester communities.

Poster Design Voting

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Current RIT students

one entry created per student OR a team of 2 students


$500 in Tiger Bucks (per team)*

* All awards, prizes, and/or gifts given by RIT are taxable to the recipient, students, and non-students alike.

For Non-resident aliens: Any awards, prizes, and/or gifts received by a non-resident alien are immediately taxable at 30%.

All non-resident alien prize recipients should contact RIT payroll/accounts payable as soon as possible to make arrangements to pay their tax due upon receipt of the award/prize/gift. A 1042-S document will be issued at year-end to summarize the amount of miscellaneous income that is being reported to the IRS.

For U.S. citizens and/or U.S. resident aliens: Any awards, prizes, and/or gifts received by a U.S. citizen and/or U.S. resident are taxable at TBD%.

All U.S. citizens and/or U.S. resident alien prize recipients will receive a 1099-MISC document from RIT’s payroll/accounts payable, if applicable, at year-end to summarize the amount of miscellaneous income that is being reported to the IRS.


  • The contest is open to current RIT students.
  • Design must accommodate a 13" width x 18" height vertical portrait format.
  • All designs should be produced at a high resolution of 300dpi in CMYK at actual size (suitable for print). Acceptable file formats for online submission are PDF, EPS, JPG, and PNG.
  • Design should not incorporate the official Imagine RIT logo.
  • Design should include the event name (“Imagine RIT”), and date (“Saturday, April 27, 2024”).
  • Consider our tagline, “Experience the Creativity” (does NOT have to be included in the design)
  • Keep in mind these key target audiences for Imagine RIT: current RIT students and members of the Rochester community (including K-12 students, RIT alumni, and their families)
  • Designs entered in prior years are not eligible.
  • Poster design, all photographs, artwork, graphics, or additional copy/text used on the poster design must be completely your own original work and created entirely by you without using existing imagery from print or online. Entries that include elements copied from sources not created by you* will be disqualified.
    * You may include quotations as long as the author is cited.
  • Poster designs may not incorporate the use of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • By participating in this contest, participants represent and warrant that (i) the work is original, clear and legible; (ii) the material does not violate the rights of any third parties; (iii) the material is being submitted in good faith and in furtherance of the contest; and (iv) the content does not contain offensive material (as determined by RIT in its sole and absolute discretion in accordance with applicable RIT policies). Notwithstanding these representations and warranties, RIT reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to disqualify any entry with or without cause.

Submission Deadline

Using the RIT File Exchanger, upload your entry and send it to Include your name, academic program, anticipated graduation year, hometown, and local mailing address and phone number. The deadline to submit your design is January 26, 2024. 


Members of the RIT community will be invited to vote for their favorite designs. A panel of RIT art/design faculty will weigh in on the top vote getters.


Popular vote and opinions of the judging panel will be considered, but the final selection rests with President Munson. If none of the submissions are selected, RIT reserves the right to commission an artist to design the official festival poster. RIT reserves the right to use the winning design in other publications (postcards, T‑shirts, etc.) if desired.

Past Winners

  • An imaginary, 3D-rendered sphere with holographic text saying "Imagine RIT, Saturday April 27, 2024" orbiting around it. The color palette is neon orange, purple and blue. There is also a holographic keyboard at the bottom and a loading bar that says "Now Loading: The SHED."


    Jessica Hall ’26, new media design major
  • An imaginary, 3D-rendered, close-up of the inside of a computer, mixed with neon lights, microphones, an artist’s palette, molecules, and computer code that spells out Imagine RIT.


    Annelise Wall ’25, new media design major
  • A 3D rendered toy box with "2022 Imagine RIT" on the site, and gadgets inside.


    Sarah Neff ’24, new media design major
  • Low polygon tiger rising out of a field of coronavirus particles with the text Imagine RIT and date.


    Luke Chen ’23, new media design major