Gordon Field House - Main Floor

RIT boasts numerous groups that strive to ensure ALANA (African, Latin, Asian, Native American) students have access to opportunities and are positioned to flourish. This is a good thing in regards to diversity and breadth of reach to multiple target audiences. However, students report that this bounty results in an overwhelming abundance of distinct resource groups, leaving them unsure of which opportunities to seize and which communities to engage with. ALANA Chat is a student created and operated tool for sharing information and navigating resources. Our exhibit will showcase this secure and internal website guide describing and linking the 131 units and groups on campus, such as the Latin American Student Association. The website features a chat function that further serves student searchers, allowing them to seek guidance from one another in a safe and secure environment!

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A space for African, Latino, ASIAN, AND NATIVE AMERICAN students

Students working together ALANA Chat Art


Gordon Field House - Main Floor


Chiny Okonkwo
Anna Liang
Lawrence Meng
Jessica Lieberman

Jessica Lieberman, Philippa Thiuri

ALANA Chat is being completed as a 2023-2024 Senior Capstone project for the Humanities, Computing, and Design program.

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