Autonomous Model Car Competition

See live racing of autonomous 1/18-scale cars created by student teams from RIT. For this competition student teams build, program, and race a model car around a track for speed. The winning car is the fastest to complete the track without derailing. To produce these cars on a standard chassis, students blend electrical engineering, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering skills on circuits, electronics, control theories, interfacing, and embedded systems through team work. The teams will be racing during Imagine RIT. Following practice runs throughout the morning and early afternoon, the competition will be from approximately 2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. Connect to the live stream to join the excitement and cheer for your family, friends, or your favorite team/car.

Autonomous Car Competition

Autonomous Car Competition


Roy Melton,
Paul Adler,
Dylan Arrabito,
Jason Au,
Chris Blust,
Xavier Brooks,
Aiden Buchheister,
Lucas Burnette,
Katherine Carlile,
Dustin Crane,
Gabe Dombrowski,
Connor Henley,
Martin Hoffnagle,
Chris Larson,
Shery Mathews,
Jacob Meyerson,
Jake Michalski,
Eri Montano,
Sam Myers,
Michael Nichols,
Anna Nicolais,
Rohan Patil,
Charles Poliwoda,
Andrew Simmons,
Matthew Skakal,
Brunon Sztuba,
AJ Wells,
Diana Yakobchuk,
Anita Yakobchuk,
Lou Beato

Engineering students; CMPE-460 Interface and Digital Electronics; senior design

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