Bait and Tackle


Golisano Hall - 2000

At our booth, visitors are welcome to learn about and playtest "Bait and Tackle", an in-development 2D action videogame created by a team of third-year Game Design and Development students! You play as a battle-hardened fisherman chasing everything from the smallest minnow to the greatest kraken! Enjoy calm fishing along the beach or face deep-sea monstrosities in adrenaline-pumping boss fights until you've completed your collection. Travel to different locations to find a variety of new fish, reeling in and facing off against a roster of dangerous catches! Bait and Tackle is a 2D boss-rush designed around fishing minigames while incorporating elements of platformers and collect-a-thons. Cast your line and reel in your latest catch by playing a fishing minigame… but beware! If a big enough bite is on your line, you'll have to engage in fast-paced combat to fully subdue the newest trophy of your collection. Utilize your fishing rod to attack your foes while launching yourself across the screen with the hook dash. Once they are tired out, they become vulnerable to being caught once more! Cast your rod, reel them in, and finish the job! With a dark and gloomy aesthetic, but fun and hilarious surprises, you'll never know what to expect as you traverse through the world of Bait and Tackle! Use your map to travel between locations, but be careful, as you never know what may be lurking in the very waters you cast your line into... Grab your fishing rod, cast your line, and hoist yourself into the world of Bait and Tackle!

Big Catches Take Bigger Fights... (Poster)

"Bait and Tackle" along with a button to Start the game.

Title Screen

A textbox at the top reads: "Press right-click to cast your line, and when the hook lands, press right-click again to dash!" A fisherman stands on a dock in a swamp.

Use your fishing hook as a grappling hook!

A fisherman fishes at the edge of a dock, with two red exclamation marks appearing next to him.

Cast your line into the water...

The fishing minigame is comprised of a green quarter circle rotating around a circle, with a grey bar rotating separately. The instructions read "Stay in the green! Hold left-click to reel in, release to reel out."

Become a master at fishing!

A fisherman exclaims "I caught a Trout!"

Catch fish and build your collection...

A monstrous bass slams on top of a fisherman as an attack, inflicting damage.

But beware of the monsters that lurk in the deep!

Five people pose together in a group photo, wearing an assortment of "Bass Pro Shops" hats.

Ther minds behind Bad Bass Games!

Bad Bass Games

Bad Bass Games Logo


Golisano Hall - 2000


Dylan Pegg
Amelia Caird
Kendyl Greer
Jack Keegan
Mason Zettlemoyer
Leo Schindler-Gerendasi

Erika S. Mesh

"Bait and Tackle" began development last semester in IGME-320. Development of the project continued into this semester in IGME-680. Furthermore, we plan on submitting the project to the Magic Makers program for this upcoming summer.

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