Changeling VR


Golisano Hall - 2nd Floor Lounge next to GOL 2000

Magic exists. Angela Monelo calls on Aurelia Walker to use her powers to help her child. You are Aurelia, see the memories, experience the fears and hopes of those you touch. Changeling VR is an experimental narrative mystery game created by artists, designers and developers studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Interactive Games and Media and College of Art and Design. Come experience and playtest Changeling VR.

Changeling Logo

A black and white street, with a street light casting light in the middle of the frame.

Memory's Touch

A slightly blurry image of a solemn person taking two coins from someone's hands.

A memory from a passerby

A large rocking horse, surrounded by various toys floating in space.

Angela's Fear

A grand room containing multiple staircases going farther and farther up.

Dylan's Machinations

Sketch-looking platforms, with a green arc leaving from the player's side.

Dougie's Doodles


Golisano Hall - 2nd Floor Lounge next to GOL 2000


Jack Walsh
Jessica Niem
Elouise Oyzon
Joshua Digugno
Aidan Kamp
Tyler Garcia
Gale Ells
Josh Clark
Frederick Douglas
Kendyl Greer

Elouise Oyzon, owner Changeling VR

School of Interactive Games and Media, MAGIC Spell Studios

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