DANS - Deaf Athlete Notification System


Student Hall for Exploration and Development - A360

Side-by-side photos of RIT students and activities with the text See How RIT is Advancing the Exceptional underneath.

This exhibit will be a hands-on experience with a wearable communication device designed for Deaf/HoH Athletes. You will get a brief introduction into the why, how, and wows of the system; and then completed with a demonstration of the system's function. There will also be a device functionality test aimed at children who will have a chance to get a piece of hard candy as a reward for choosing the correct bowl in a mimic of the shell game.

Prototype Receiver


Prototype Transmitter


Student Hall for Exploration and Development - A360


Joseph Schneggenburger
Patrick Winch
Allison Ritter

Hussin Ketout

I took my personal project to MSD to gain funding and time to work on the project I love during the last semester of my RIT experience. We also received a generous gift from Bill and Sally Hard to help this project the best it can be.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!