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Gordon Field House - Main Floor

Side-by-side photos of RIT students and activities with the text See How RIT is Advancing the Exceptional underneath.

The visitor will be approaching our table to see our video of all of our work on how we as Engineer manufactures all of our parts. This applies in Precision Manufacturing Technology, Applied Mechanical Technology, Architectural and Civil Drafting Technology, and Civil Technology. DES will have variety kinds of display on the table to show what we made whether it is from machining or 3D printing. The video will show many different kinds of what students experience in the classroom and show what Engineering is all about. DES has many component parts and actual senior projects that students have worked on in the past as that can be on display to show the work. Engineering will be making its first appearance at Imagine RIT so we would love to show RIT and the community what Engineering has to offer. We will have some 3D print tiger to pass out as they are former student projects. We are thinking of having a student or two to be with us to explain their experience in Department of Engineering Studies and their COOP experience. We also will have a small space (12 foot by 12 foot) to showcase the cardboard castle building experience as part of the realistic approach in Engineering connecting how students critical thinks to build things along with help of a faculty. This shall be fantastic approach to understand what engineering is all about!

DES Rocket Series

Variety different kinds of students project

DES Student in class projects

Variety of students work

DES Student Projects over the years

Description- Chess Set sitting on tiles and outside is a wood board. Two different colors for set

DES Titan Chess Set


Gordon Field House - Main Floor


Mark Davis
Karen Beiter
Ryan Bash
Scott Wolff
James Fugate
Marcus Holmes
Chris Mazique-Brucker
Trisha Gard-Thompson
Marriner Merrill
David Monahan
Martin Lopez
Kayley Judd
Sophia Riegle
Bryan Lukehart-Yun
Tommy Carroll
Brendon Busch
Mary Enow
Waheeda Ahmadzai
Dionne Bash

Karen Beiter, James Fugate, Marcus Holmes, Chris Brucker, Trisha Gard-Thompson, Marriner Merrill, David Monahan, and Martin Lopez

Mostly, they are a component of our work in our programs and we will present to show what Engineering is all about.

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