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Kodak Quad - Kodak Quad

A lot of people our age grew up playing with Nerf blasters or similar toys. But foam blasters aren't just for kids! This exhibit features student made designs, parts and accessories for competitive grade, hobbyist foam blasters. Students will be showing off a variety of their own work, including things like simple string powered blasters, high-tech electronic blasters, and parts to upgrade name-brand blasters. Each student has a unique creation and can talk in depth on the design process, functionality, and usage of their designs. The public will be invited to try out these designs hands-on by firing the blasters into our tabletop dart catcher, and compare them to their own using our chronograph.

"The Lunchbox" by Glen H. This is a fully original, 3D printable blaster that features a brushless motor setup allowing for variable FPS, rate of fire, and firing modes. This blaster features a unique design where the top panel piece can fold open for easy access to the internals, much like an old style lunch box.

A large chain-fed Nerf blaster colored yellow and orange. The front part of the blaster has been removed.

Stubnosed Vulcan mod by Glen H. This project heavily modifies the Vulcan blaster from Nerf. The front end of the blaster has been completely removed and replaced with a 3D printed faceplate. The internals have also been modified. A set of flywheels have been added to allow for higher FPS, as well as a battery meter and a trigger replacement.

A wrist-mounted blaster made with pink and blue filaments. A cord is wrapped around the user's finger to trigger the blaster.

The Urdr by Glen H. This blaster mounts to the user's arm and fires one shot at a time, using a shell system. You can print multiple different types of shells to fire different ammo types. You can optionally add a string as pictured to allow you to fire it by moving your fingers instead of pressing the blaster's trigger

A small Nerf blaster pistol with a large orange barrel.

Nerf fate mod by Austin S. This project modifies the Nerf fate by removing the front end, allowing for larger Mega XL darts to be fired from it.

A small string powered Nerf blaster using red and orange filaments.

String Powered MXL blaster by Eli M. This blaster uses a sliding rail and elastic cord to launch darts.

A 3D CAD rendering of a blaster. It is small, pistol shaped and used a T pull draw to prime. It is white, blue and gray.

Spark by Skye G. This blaster is a small spring powered pistol design using a T pull mechanism to prime. It loads darts into the front of the barrel and has built in dart storage.

A internal view of the CAD model. It shows the individual parts of the blaster, and the internal firing mechanism.

An internal view of the Spark.

A CAD mockup of a blaster. It has a forward facing grip, with multiple cutouts in the faces. It is purple and green.

The Newt by Ian A. This is a flywheel powered blaster using a solenoid to provide automatic full auto operation.

A WIP printed model of the previous design. It is under construction and shown on a workbench with tools.

A WIP printed version of the Newt.


Kodak Quad - Kodak Quad


Olivia Luttazi
Glendon Pantazis
Eli MacDonald
Skylar Gallup


The foam blaster club supports the creation, use of, and game surrounding competitive nerf blaster tag. It also serves as the main place on campus for students to participate in the sport of blaster tag as well as a hub for student designers to work toget

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