Hadrosaurs, Iguanodonts, and other Ornithopod dinosaurs


James E. Booth Hall - 3510

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Inform and educate people about dinosaurs, specifically Hadrosaurs and related groups, through scientific theories and discoveries made over the course of their 200 year history. From their great sizes (the largest being bigger than T-Rex), to their unique body plan, and their success story over the course of around 100 million years.


Profiles of various hadrosaur species, including Tsintaosaurus, Maiasaura, Corythosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Gryposaurus A Lambeosaurus among a herd of Corythosaurus An image comparing two common structures in hadrosaur dinosaurs, bone based structures and implied soft tissue structures Models of Iguanodon and Saurolophus Models of a group of Dryosaurus A model of Olorotitian A collection of some of the ornithopod dinosaurs that will be present at the exhibition, all scaled to eachother WIP Tsintaosaurus/Zuchengtyrannus interaction


James E. Booth Hall - 3510


Andrew Bovenzi
Nicolena Rush


A group of students who find a passion in studying dinosaurs and other prehistoric life

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