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Thomas Gosnell Hall - 1300

Science Playground is the one stop location for a variety of different interactive science activities. Designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, Science Playground is a gateway to fun, safe, and understandable science. Check out the demonstrations and different interactable exhibits and learn something new! This exhibit will feature the following demonstrations/interactive activities: Elephants Toothpaste - which is a simple chemical reaction with yeast and hydrogen peroxide where the rapid decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide creates a mass of foam. This reaction is completely safe but simultaneously very exciting. Coffee Filter Chromatography - is a simple chemical demonstration of chromatography. By using water-based markers (aka the washable kind) and cups of water, people can watch the pigments migrate across the coffee filter, both creating unique designs as well as demonstrating how chromatography works. Milk Repellant - is an interactive demonstration with milk, dish soap, and food coloring. Because the liquids have different densities, they do not mix and create cool designs. Dry Ice Bubbles - is a demonstration about dry ice and some of its unique properties. By forming bubbles with dry ice, soap, and water, people can see its unique chemical properties and learn fun facts about dry ice and the chemistry behind it. Larger than Life Piano - a classic House of General Science exhibit previously featured at Imagine RIT and the Brick City Science Fair. Similar to the legendary piano from Big, our larger than life piano is a fun place to explore your musical abilities and learn about conductive sensors!

Paper chromatography

An exhibitor pours hydrogen peroxide for an "elephant's toothpaste" experiment

Elephant's toothpaste


Thomas Gosnell Hall - 1300


Emmet Thornton
Penny Jankowski
Victoria Greever
Joseph Gysbers
Jacob Ziarniak
Zackary Kotwis
Chaser Ryan
Gabriela Rivera Araujo
Nicolas Sovare

The House of General Science is a College of Science affiliated special interest house (SIH).

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