Latin Dance at RIT


Global Village Plaza

Join us to experience Latin dance here at RIT! Throughout the day, we will have choreographed performances of salsa, bachata, tango, reggaeton, and more! We will also be hosting quick interactive how-to-dance workshops and dancing with you to practice your new moves! Finally, learn about the history and culture of these diverse and multi-cultural dance and music styles.

Latin Rhythm Dance Club logo

A group of smiling dancers posing for a photo in a brightly-lit room

Our team and invited guests posing for a photo after performing for the Rochester Fringe Festival.

A row of people standing behind a person with a microphone

Teaching dance at Imagine RIT last year.

A group of performance team members posing in front of a background decorated with lights

Our team members posing for a photo after performing for an event at the University of Rochester.


Global Village Plaza


Viktoria Koscinski
Sarah Kleinberger
Jessa Lyn Lizama
Jennifer Zhang
Joel Clyne
karla mendez
Ye-Shun Ho
Taron Tran
Jessenia Salto
Carlos Gutierrez
Daijya Robinson
Alaina Mupparthi
Alexa Ponce
Michelle Arevalo
Dessa Shapiro
Fernando Corano Garcia
Valerie Murillo

This is a collaborative exhibit between RIT's Latin Rhythm Dance Club and RIT Tango Club. We are also happy to include other Latin dance-focused clubs and organizations on campus.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!