Metalsmithing Demos


James E. Booth Hall - 3580

Metals and Jewelry Design undergraduate students will lead demonstrations of metal casting, enameling, and engraving from 10 to 2. The rest of the day, we will have a make-a-thon, where visitors can step into a clearly designated safe area of the studio to see students working on their final projects. Visitors will be able to walk into the main teaching area of the metals studio to watch demos and to observe students' work. They will see all kinds of specialty equipment and tools and get to talk with craft students who are very knowledgeable and hardworking. This is a great event for prospective students or anyone who is curious about what happens in the metals department.

These are some examples of the results you can get from sand casting metal.

Silversmith prepping a sand mold for casting.

This is what prepping the sand mold looks like.

A silver scarab and the one part sand mold it was made with.

There can be as many parts as necessary to a sand mold, but the molds we will demonstrate will have one or two parts. Here is an example of a one part sand mold.


James E. Booth Hall - 3580


Cecelia Plympton
Lucy Angrisano
Kai Forman

Carlos Caballero-Perez and Laurel Fulton

We are all members of the Jewelry and Metals club, and this event was designed by our undergraduate Metals and Jewelry Design students along with our professors.

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