MOLD; A Digital Petri Dish Playground


James E. Booth Hall - 1320

MOLD is a playground inside a giant digital petri dish, offering you the chance to engage with mold in ways you never thought possible. Imagine stepping up to our magical digital tabletop interface, where you can play to your heart's content and breathe life into the fantastical mold-like visuals. This project is the result of a collaborative effort between seven designers and three developers, who poured their hearts into crafting this immersive experience during the Spring 2024 semester at RIT. Our aim with MOLD is to transform something conventionally mundane into an adventure brimming with wonder, excitement, and beauty. As you explore our exhibit, you'll uncover fascinating facts about mold in a fun and engaging manner. By the end of your visit, we hope you'll depart with a wide smile and a newfound sense of joy and wonder. So come and join us, and let's dive into the unexpected magic of MOLD!

MOLD. Where imagination and play meet the wonders of microbiology.

10 headshots with names of designers and developers

Meet the 10cents team - the people behind the magic of MOLD!

Intro text and table blueprint

Introduction to what MOLD is all about!


James E. Booth Hall - 1320


Natalie Doback
Adam Smith
Jason Arena
Travis Stodter
Josiah Zehr
Paula Martel
Chase Glynn
Melanie Boncaro
Adelia Martinez
Shencheng Fu
Jacob Goodwillie
Max Lama
Ev Apostolico

Adam Smith, Jason Arena, Travis Stodter

New Media Design, BFA and New Media Interactive Development, BS Capstone Project

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