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Gordon Field House

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The visitor will walk into our exhibit and see displays from all our different teams. From the prosthetics team they'll our arms that we 3d printed and are able to move as well as our 3d models. The keyboard team will be showing off their software their building for a though keyboard and going to explain their future plans as well as their research. The games team will show off their muscle controlled racing game and software that went along with developing it. Some visitors may also be able to participate by looking at their brain waves using our headsets or play the racing game. The wheelchair team will show off what work they've done this semester with the thought controlled wheelchair. Our neurogear team will be showing off their prototype and vision for their company.

Logo of NXT

NXT at Makerfaire

NXT at Rochester's Makerfaire

Prosthetic arm

NXT's 3D printed arm

Prosthetic meeting

Prosthetics team meeting

Games team playing game

Games team showing off their game at Rochester Makerfaire


Gordon Field House

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Alexander Burbano
Hannah Henczel
John Haley
Harrison Canning
Jonathan Hacker
Michael Elia
Leanna Frasch

Dr. Dan Philips

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