Optical Metrology System


James E. Gleason Hall - 4th Floor

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We will be displaying our Optical Metrology System, a design that implements a 3D gantry with a mounted camera to take detailed photos of a part for measurement analysis. The Rochester Makerspace (RMS) is a place where people with non-technical backgrounds can come to use a variety of commercial grade machines and equipment that is outside the realm of possibility for an individual. The RMS is searching for a new device that is able to help individuals measure and reverse engineer parts and components. Currently, RMS has a rough prototype of an Optical Metrology System. It utilizes open source software, as well as an assortment of donated parts and cameras. RMS is looking to our team for a more refined and open source version as possible. The deliverables for this project include; a GUI, XYZ control, and Programmable lighting that is all controlled via an easy to use GUI. This project is to be completed with a budget of $1000, and will be completed before May 2024.

Image of the Optical Metrology System


James E. Gleason Hall - 4th Floor


Ryan Stevens
Robert Herberger
Maverick Kramer
Weston Ransom
Eli Ransom
Seva Ivanchenko
Timothy Mercurio
Mark Minunni

Mark Minunni

This project is through MSD to create an Optical Metrology System for the Rochester Maker Space

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