Project CSH Pinball


Golisano Hall - Atrium 1940

The visitor experience will be a showcase of a lifesize pinball machine built from the ground up. The machine will be playable, visitors will be able to see how it was made and will be able to play the machine during the exhibiting time. The visitor will learn many aspects of programming, woodworking, and mechanical/electrical engineering. We will showcase the types of parts it takes to build a custom pinball machine. Along with the design process, building process, and finally the implementation.

Project Pinball Design

A picture of a flipper assembly

Flipper Assembly

A picture of a 3d printed pinball apron

Pinball Apron

A playfield design in the design software: Visual Pinball

Pinball Playfield Design


Golisano Hall - Atrium 1940


Garrett Maury
Leo Brown

A personal project from members of Computer Science House. Our project theme is 'Computer Science House', although this is not the official ImageRIT project from Computer Science House.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!