RIT Beekeeping Club


Campus Center - Breezeway

Ever wondered what a frame of bees looks like? Visitors will be introduced to the practice of beekeeping on the RIT campus, learn about the tools we use, watch the processes used to harvest, spin, and bottle up honey, and will be able to view the inner workings of the hive with our indoor observation hive! We will have our hand-crank honey extractor, interesting poster displays about the practice of beekeeping and what it is like to have hives on campus, and we will have an indoor-safe display that is filled with bees!

Club president Ellie talking during a hive inspection to 3 other club members.

Student holding up a frame full of honey.

One of the beekeeping club members holding up a frame full of honey.

A student is holding up a frame of bees, the top portion has a wooden frame and the bottom portion is free-standing.

A student holds up a drone frame full of bees

3 beehives painted purple and yellow on a sunny day.

The RIT beekeeping club manages 3 hives on campus, this is what they look like during Fall!

Imagine RIT exhibit from 2022, a table on the left has the honey extractor and several posters. The table on the right has a tablecloth that reads "RIT beekeepers" with an empty hive.

Imagine RIT exhibit from 2022.

Educational table setup at the Rochester Museum and Science Center

Educational exhibit setup at the Rochester Museum and Science Center during their Animal Engineers week.


Campus Center - Breezeway


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