RIT Launch Initiative


Gordon Field House - GOR-1200

Rockets? Made by students?? That fly 10,000 feet high??? If you like awesome rockets that do awesome things, RIT Launch Initiative's booth is the one for you!

IREC 2021-2022

Our International Competition Team with their rocket, VOID.

Launch at Imagine 2022

Launch Initiative at last year's ImagineRIT

MARS Club Launchday

Our new members flew their own rockets at the MARS Club field!


Gordon Field House - GOR-1200


Jayse Petersen
James May
Gillian Doolittle
Tomasz Mazur
Alex Speyer
Yevgeniy Gorbachev
Aaron Chan
Charles Bierce
Donovan Barros
Jonah Gimmi
William Beckson
Jonathan Russo
Jim Heaney
Grace Dertinger
Mary Dertinger
Bo Golden
Louis Fleisher
Paige Elias
Riley Quinn
John Ye
Alexis Smith
Charlie Soltis
Dante Sivo
Nathan Aquilio
Hayden Quinn
Braxton Crandall
Jaden Solomon
Katie Beck
Patrick Killian
Sophia Commisso
Sam Larson
Dean O'Brien
Natalia Sokolov
Justin Weinberger
Jackson Lyles
Marley Dota-Clemens
Janos Banoczi-Ruof

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