Sonic Dimensions: Unveiling 3D Soundscapes


Engineering Technology Hall - 2125

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Welcome to Sonic Dimensions, where sound transcends the ordinary and takes on a tangible form. As you guide visitors through our exhibit, they'll encounter three captivating features that showcase the magic of 3D audio: 1. National Aural Heritage: Echoes of the Past Our National Aural Heritage project is an auditory time capsule. We've journeyed to historical sites, capturing the essence of their acoustic environments to preserve and translate them. Imagine standing in the hallowed halls of an old bank, a legendary music studio, or an ancient architecture. Through meticulous recording and analysis, we've resurrected the sounds of bygone eras. 2. AFC Symphony: Harmonizing with a Saxophone AFC (Active Field Control) is our next revelation. In this demonstration, you're one of the people activating the chamber's acoustics. Our research team has harnessed cutting-edge technology to transform sound into an ethereal experience. Close your eyes, and you'll hear the saxophone. Our AFC system dynamically adjusts sound sources to create a virtual stage around the performer. It's as if the saxophonist is dancing through the air, the notes trailing behind. 3. Neurofeedback Game: Mapping Brain Waves Let's dive into a future stage of 3D sound. Neurofeedback Game delves into the mind. Welcome to NeuroScape - an interstellar voyage where mind and sound converge. Our spaceship has no buttons and pedals; instead, your brainwaves chart the course. As you don the EEG headset, prepare to ascend and descend through the cosmos using neural harmonies. The stars await your command.

AIRIS (Applied and Innovative Research for Immersive Sound) Lab - Our research Laboratory equipped more than 20 speakers and 250 degree wide screen

ational Aural Heritage recording at Rochester Saving Bank

- The measurement at Rochester Saving Bank - One of the main spots of National Aural Heritage

AFC performance

Saxophone performed in the AFC system

Neurofeedback Game

Neurofeedback Game - A spaceship controlled by a brain


logo of AIRIS (Applied and Innovative Research for Immersive Sound) Lab


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Engineering Technology Hall - 2125


Akira Takeuchi
Ethan Lin
Hwan Shim
Sungyoung Kim

Dr. Sungyoung Kim, Dr. Hwan Shim

Research of Dr. Sungyoung Kim(Associate Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology)Research of Dr. Hwan Shim(Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering TechnologyCollege of Engineering T

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