Textile Antennas & Phased Antenna Arrays


James E. Gleason Hall - 2955

There will be a table showcasing the graduate research performed by Dylan Bennish & Christopher Bonin, under our graduate advisor Dr. Jayanti Venkataraman. There will be a slideshow presentation and poster showcasing each of our research, along with the display of physical prototypes. The tentative plan is to have a vector network analyzer (VNA) showcasing the performance of our antenna prototypes. Dylan's research is on multi-layer textile antennas for tracking and monitoring blood glucose levels for diabetic patients. Chris' research is on the integration of electronic phase shifters with linear antenna arrays to achieve continuous scanning for a variety of applications.

The goal of Dylan's research is to use antennas to replace the need for invasive blood glucose monitoring techniques, such as the modern Dexcom device.


Initial two layer antenna with radiated energy into and out of the body.


Revised four layer antenna with radiated energy directed into the body to take return loss measurements to obtain resonance frequency.


The antenna is placed upon the body and the return loss is measured using a vector network analyzer to obtain the resonance frequency.


A change in glucose levels shows a respective change in the antenna's resonance frequency.


Series-fed antenna array designed for 9GHz operations.


Radiation pattern of antenna array. The objective of Chris' research is to integrate integrate electronic phase shifters to achieve beam-steering.


The electronic phase shifter utilized is Qorvo's analog phase shifter CMD297P34. This phase shifter only requires a voltage source to achieve its phase difference.


James E. Gleason Hall - 2955


Dylan Bennish
Christopher Bonin


Dr. Jayanti Venkataraman: Graduate Advisor & Graduate Paper AdvisorDylan Bennish: Textile antenna graduate paperChristopher Bonin: Phased antenna array graduate paper

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