Trials of Persephone


Golisano Hall - 2436

Trials of Persephone is a first-person spellslinger computer game, where the player uses physics-based spells to navigate dangerous environments. Visitors can play the first level of the game, and learn about the story and development of this work.

The temple marking the end of the tutorial level.

An in-game screenshot of a marble statue holding a red sapling in their palm.

The player's spawn point, a temple to demeter.

An in-game screenshot of a scenic view of a lake.

The lakeside by which the player earns their powers.


Golisano Hall - 2436


Henry Orsagh
Rainey Orsagh

They won't have any involvement in the exhibit, but the project has been overseen by Jennifer Indovina and Jessica Bayliss.

Rainey Orsagh is doing the Environment Design for her capstone in 3D Digital Design.I (Henry Orsagh) worked on the project as part of a production studio class last semester, and I'm now working on it in my free time.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!