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There are many parts to learning a new language, such as the learning of the writing system, grammar, and pronunciation. A key factor in learning some languages that English does not include is the tones. Tones can completely change the meaning of words for tonal languages, such as Mandarin. They can be extremely hard to learn and master but this learning tool can help. The Yin Expansion project utilizes technology to assist you in learning languages by recording your voice and comparing your tone to a native speaker’s tone. Attendees will be able to choose the language they want to practice with and be able to do a lesson with a microphone provided. The tone visualization will be mapped in real-time, providing users with an interactive learning experience. The Yin Expansion exhibit will allow attendees to gain hands-on experience with the Yin website that assists with learning tonal languages. The user records themselves saying a word and the website visualizes your tone, showing you where your tone is correct or incorrect, in comparison to visualizations from native speakers of the languages. When this project was created 4 years ago by previous HCD students, this concept was new and revolutionary for learning languages. Besides Mandarin, the project now includes Japanese to give RIT Japanese students a new tool to use and Cantonese, to preserve this dying language.

Jojo the monkey

Yin Code in the lab

Working on the code

Group picture with the 4 members of Yin

Group picture!

Chris holding a microphone for Yin

Testing out the code


Gordon Field House - Main Floor


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